Bacterial infection on face, in ears

My twelve year old brother who attends a private school is forced not only to wear his mask inside the class but also while he outside during recess if he wants to be closer than 6ft away from he’s class mates. He is not allowed to wear his mask below his nose. He is forced to wear it outside during pick up as well. Within the first 2 weeks of school he developed a bacterial infection all over his face. It started in his nose than spread to his chin and inside his ears. It was incredibly itchy and uncomfortable. My mom and I took him to the pediatrician and she said she has seen so many cases of this in children having to wear masks at school that she calls it “COVID face.” He had to be on antibiotics for 10 days. The school made him stay home for 3 days. They said he would be allowed to wear a face shield. I called another school close by and they said they require medical exemptions in order to wear face shields. So the private school said he is lucky they are not requiring him to get a medical exemption.

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