Daughter has emotional meltdown

I have a very social 6 year old daughter. She loves people and calls everyone her friend. While I do not make her wear a mask, seeing everyone else in masks, and being unable to connect with people has taken its toll. At church this week, she melted down and started hitting me (she has never done this before). She was upset because she learned of an upcoming church activity and thought she would be able to play with her friends again, only to find out everyone has to stay in their cars. Six year old children should not have to be subjected to such cruelty. They need to be able to see people’s faces to learn how to communicate and function in the world. My daughter has become so confused by what is happening around her. It breaks my heart. We moved during this, and it is impossible to meet people and make friends, and even to remember who people are when they are wearing masks. It is hard for me, and I cannot imagine how confusing and difficult it is for her.

Tucson AZ
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