Daughter shamed by teachers

My daughter is 13 years old and enrolled in the local public middle school. The school makes each and every student wear a mask on school grounds, regardless of personal choice and whether or not they are inside or outside. Even during outdoor gym (physical education) class, she is required to wear a mask. This is in addition to mandatory temperature checks, plexiglass shields and excessive hand sanitizing (before and after EACH class). The other day she went to grab a volley ball out of the gym bag and touched both of the volley balls to see which one she wanted. Her gym teacher blew up at her and accused her of possibly infecting as many as 12 kids simply by touching the ball. I’ve written to her principal and the school administration, who assure me that she doesn’t have to wear one, even though she does. She also has to leave the school and go outside simply to take a drink of water. In addition to that, they’ve got half the hallways and stairwells shut down, which often makes her late for class. Her principal insists a majority of teachers, parents and students say they want to wear masks. Considering I have YET to find a single person, let alone a kid, who wants to wear a mask or thinks the rules in place make any sense, i find this very hard to believe.

Jacksonville Beach, FL
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