Headaches, dry mouth, brain fog

My elementary age child has complained of headaches from mask wearing. He has worn a face shield and has had lunch aides tell him that and his home-made mask were not “good enough”. He was embarrassed and cried when he was sent to the school nurse for a “real mask”. He also has to wear the covering during gym class and he no longer enjoys having gym which used to be his favorite class. My high school freshman wears a face shield (and has asthma). He has several teachers who have ridiculed him or singled him out for the face shield…”hey shield kid” by a gym teacher who makes the kids wear their face coverings during gym, “stay back” from a science teacher who was afraid he would get too close, and on the first day of school (in-person), he sat in the front row of his language class and was told to “go to the back of the class” so as not to be too close to that teacher. My older kids who have had to wear the mask complain of headaches dry mouth, bad breath, and “brain fog”. Additionally, I have worked in the health office of schools and have had various complaints from kids. One student came to me and complained that she had had a procedure done the day before and was told to “stay hydrated all day” by her doctor. When she came in to the health office she said that she was very thirsty, tired, and had a dry and scratchy throat as her teachers would not allow her to take a drink of her water in class because that would require taking her mask down.

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