Anxiety, shortness of breath, lightheadedness.

Wearing a mask all day at school has led to anxiety, shortness of breath, lightheadedness for my child during most days of in-person learning. In addition, he is utterly lonely in school because all of the children must socially distance so they cannot communicate, especially at lunch. Children thrive and crave social interactions, especially with peers. Additionally, sitting in front of a computer on virtual days is not good for my child, either, but I suppose this is part of the plan because they are required to use Google Classroom. All athletic activities after school are cancelled, and gym class consists of the children walking outside on the track with their masks and socially distanced. So much for getting fresh air, not to mention potential dental issues due to lack of oxygen in his blood due to the mask.

Garden City, NY
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1 year ago

My daughter is required to wear a mask 7 hours of the day at school. She then goes straight to volleyball practice for another 2 hours at school and is required to run, condition and play in a mask. She finally attends dance afterwards for sometimes as little as 2.5 hours or as long as 5.25 hours and is required to wear a mask during that time. There are some days she is in a mask from the moment she arrives at school 7:45 until dance concludes at 10PM. She has complained multiple times of dizziness, nauseous and shortness of breath. This is unacceptable. We have had zero cases of COVID in the school reported to us and one case of COVID at the dance school. Some would say this is proof that masks work but at what cost to our children and their future health. COVID has been shown to be mild when children catch it and we as parents understand the risk of sending our children to brick and mortar school and to extracurricular activities. Give us a CHOICE on the use of masks.