Asthma, wheezing

My son is adhd/autistic and needs brick and mortar schooling. He needs one-on-one attention with teachers and teaching aids to really stay on task and learn. He has a history of seasonal asthma. Although it has seemed to improve at his last well checkup right before mask mandates began. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he has brick and mortar school and online school the rest of the week. He is given the option to attend resource room at brick and mortar school during his online days. Which we are thankful for, but we learned isn’t something he can safely do. Every day he has gone to school and been forced to wear the mask ALL day with minimal 5 minute breaks (where they are not allowed to talk) he comes home with an asthmatic wheeze in his breathing that last a few hours. EVERY TIME!!!!!!! When he went to brick and mortar 3 days in a row to utilize the resource room he came home on the 3rd day complaining his lungs hurt and his wheeze was pretty rough. It took a couple of days for him to loose his wheeze and his lungs to stop hurting. His grades are terrible. Our family feels his safety and health far outweigh his grades. When the school tried to encourage us to utilize resource more to help his grades I informed them why he wasn’t. They never responded to me. So here we are. The school system is harming him and failing him over an illness that has over 98% chance of survival. His acne is also increased around the area of mask.

Tunkhannock, PA
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