Asthmatic child refused exemption

Both of my children have asthma and have a lot of trouble wearing the mask our pediatrician gave us a medical exemption with a diagnosis and the signature on it the school did not recognize it.. I asked for a 504 to accommodate them and allow them to wear shields versus masks this way they would still be respectful to those around them and yet they would still be able to breathe without struggling. I went from the teacher to the guidance counselor to the school board back to the nurse went around in circles first I was told I didn’t get a 504 finally they gave me a 504 but it is not for a medical exemption it is a 504 to train them to wear a mask first week 20 minutes mask five minutes off next week 30 minutes mask five minutes off they didn’t understand what I was trying to say I do not agree to the mask at all not only does it cause additional complications like rashes infections etc. It goes against medical advice and certainly isn’t my goal for my children to wear a mask 8 hours a day because they would have to go to extended day. Needless to say I didn’t send them and I am home schooling save the kids !!!! But it is total disregard to my children’s well being mental and physical and against medical advice and taking parental Rights away they are considered medical devices by the cdc so how does the school have the right to for e my child to wear this without my consent!

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