Autistic child anxious, unable to communicate

My son is a special needs student in Omaha. Although his teachers are amazing and have worked every angle they could to get see thru masks, mask “breaks”, social distancing etc. My son can no longer leave his classroom to interact with the rest of the kids outside of his special needs classroom. That was the biggest help for him as the rest of the world is not going to be a special needs classroom he needs to learn those skills on how to interact with other people, and the rest of our kids need to learn how to interact with special needs people. By separating them it’s creating an atmosphere of those people that are “different”. On top of this when he does happen to interact with other students or faculty he is very anxious and it ends up being very awkward as he cannot always tell how someone is feeling by their words he needs to see the facial expression. When people cover their faces he feels uninvited or almost threatened to go up and speak to them he has lost his outgoing nature that helped him to be brave and initiate a conversation. We have come so far in understanding and accommodating special needs students and now this generation faces a huge set back because some politicians want to fit in or not go against the loud, obnoxious, ridiculous politically driven noise from a small portion of the population. Hoax or not the solution can’t be worse than the issue we have to do better for our youth and quit being afraid to speak up against these political cheerleaders who don’t care about anything but their pocket books and hateful agendas.

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