Autistic, non-verbal child ignored for overheating, heavy breathing

My child is autistic and non-verbal. She has no problems wearing a mask/ Shield. She does not know when she needs a break . I had a doctor’s note for her not to wear a mask/Shield. Sent it in 3rd day of school showed up on the fourth day with her overheated just sitting there. Her Para never noticed her sitting there sweating, breathing heavy, Pink Cheeks and heated! Had to talk with the teacher and was under the impression that she had no masks / shield on. Picked her up from school one day and she was outside with a shield on! I did not supply. Found out teacher bought them. Was wondering why she was so sweated everyday. The district is working with me but the teacher is not still. She’s finally giving her breaks but she is isolating her when doing so or keeping her away from her peers which she loves!

Ephrata pa
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