Dizzy, faint, headaches, infections

When forced to wear a mask in store our daughter put it on and walked from the car to the store and began to feel dizzy. We continued and a minute later she began to say mom I am going to pass out. We left the store and sat in the car trying to understand what was happening. This all happened when we had no knowledge of what the virus was and as a parent I was nervous about her not being able to wear a mask to protect herself, as such, we stayed home but continued to test her ability to wear the mask.

We soon discovered she developed more symptoms the longer we tried, headaches, infections, and breakouts. Her life has been altered because of her inability to wear a mask, sports is gone of which she loved, social activities, and lessons are all gone. Isolation is the new game but we continue to figure out different ways of engaging no matter how difficult it becomes.

I tried getting help from her pediatrician and was told by the doctor she is following the CDC recommendations and is only issuing medical exemptions for people with COPD.

Crozet, Virginia
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