Headaches, Behavior Problems, Dehydration

Our kids are now REMOTE LEARNING due to the following: Headaches due to masks and dehydration due to water fountains being closed and water bottles not being allowed to be kept at desks due to ridiculous covid rules set forth by Lincoln Public Schools of Nebraska. Not enough water breaks by the teacher who kept forgetting to let them go up to the counter for periodic drink breaks. Hand sanitizer is toxic and causes endocrine disruption – hand washing is far more effective but it takes more time therefore sanitizer is used despite it being toxic. Kids are taught NOT to drink alcohol, but slathering it on their most absorptive organ all day is OKAY? NO. Lastly, there have also been psychological effects, which I cannot for certain be linked to the masks, but most definitely the endless, draconian rules these poor children are expected to follow all day. After school my kids would be more easily agitated, argumentative, disrespectful, and sadly less affectionate. They are taught all day to DISTANCE and it’s hard to switch off at home. These POOR kids.They are doing MUCH better and are much HAPPIER now that they are at home. They PREFER to be at school, NORMAL school, not this militant, sanitized institution. And LORD KNOWS what types of cancer-causing cleaning chemicals the staff and students come into contact with! What if schools pushed NUTRITION and VITAMINS…what a concept! Signed, MAMA BEAR

Lincoln, NE
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