Loss of friends, grades failing

My son is fighting to maintain some form of normalcy in life! His friends are being held from him! His grades are failing! His classwork (he is virtual after trying in-person masked learning) is so content-heavy. There are no real support systems in place and thousands of children are and will fail school this year. His attempt at in-person learning was so horrible that we decided against sending him back. I am a sub in a district where teachers chose not to return to teach their students in person, a crime in my mind, and I personally struggle daily to wear a mask to help support these children in their learning. Children are not given mask breaks nor do they take them when I tell them they can because they have not been given permission by the school. What is going to happen to these children? Why is America so content with serving up a nation full of children to protect a small few who may or may not succumb to covid! What happened to those willing to die for our freedom and the freedom of our children? Where will we be in a year when thousands of children have succumbed to depression, anxiety, and overall lethargy at their perceived futures? I for one will not allow this to happen to my child and if the state of NY wants to come after me so be it!!! Fighting for all CHILDREN!!!

Ithaca, NY
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