Painful rash around nose and mouth

Our elementary school requires masks all day. My 6-year-old daughter (first grade) developed a painful rash around her nose and mouth the second week of school, back in mid August. I’ve tried several creams, I’ve switched to different types of masks, I have my daughter change out her masks during the day, and I wash all masks before she’s allowed to wear them again, but nothing is working. Her rash will not go away. Our elementary school just went remote, so at least she won’t be wearing masks anymore. Even if (and it’s a big if) our school reopens for in-person learning, I don’t think I can send her back in a mask.

Englewood, CO
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1 year ago

Try to find a class action law suit…..I hope one is in the works….political correctness in full force leads to communism or compliance… is a psyop tactic to prep us for the GREAT RESET of which the TRUE DOPE finally admitted to making a secret deal at DAVOS…