Shortness of breath/headaches

I teach in the public school system where masks are required. As of now, I can give mask breaks to my students as they need them but I have heard many other stories where very few mask breaks are given during the day. I have witnessed my students struggling to speak loud enough over the masks, especially the soft spoken students. Students have complained of headaches. When they have to read aloud with their masks, they seem to need to take in deep breaths to read. Even though frowned upon, I do let them take their masks done so I can understand them and that they don’t have to have shortness of breath. I have picked them up from gym class, sweating and red faced under their masks. We have to immediately get back to class to drink and take a mask break because all of our water fountains are covered and not in use. It sickens me every day to see my students behind these masks.

2nd graders
Atglen, PA
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1 year ago

Thank you for standing up for your students! I have 3 kids in school in Region 15 a.d have only heard the opposite-teachers telling kids the masks are “for their safety” and in some cases, telling their classes that they don’t deserve a mask break! As if breathing unhindered is a right children must now earn! It sickens me!