Teacher witnesses shortness of breath, depression

I am a middle school teacher who barely recognizes her students because I can’t see their faces, students blend more into the crowd and ends up with no identity. Students talk with shortness of breath as well. I know the students really don’t like it and their morale is very low. As a hearing impaired teacher who reads lips, they have the choice of face shields or to pull down their masks so I can understand. It’s been difficult to understand my students especially with the masks which muffle their speaking. Students also don’t participate as much any more with class discussions because the masks help them blend into the background. Our students only get 20 minutes between 2nd and 3rd period to rest from masks :/

Middle school
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1 year ago

Nobody has to wear a mask. Students and teachers can claim an exemption – medical — because we are human and we need oxygen to survive or behavioral – anxiety. Even religious. Not everyone can wear them. No one SHOULD wear them. Please read the peer reviewed mask study on my blog and the Covid rights. All mandates are illegal. Governors can not create laws.