Fear of school

My child fears going to school due to unhealthy unsafe mask, distancing and obsessive hand-sanitizing mandates. She feels isolated and fears getting in trouble with her teacher. She has difficulty breathing in the mask she is forced to wear. When the mask accidentally comes off her nose or she takes it down to get a breath, the teacher reprimands her. Her teacher is a lovely person but clearly is getting her fear-based misinformation from mainstream media/fake news and corrupt county school board and CDC.

My child used to love school. Now she does not want to go to school and even on the weekend dreads the thought of having to go to back to school. On Saturday she will comment, “Why does tomorrow have to be Sunday because then the next day I have to go to school.” Mask-wearing and all tyrannical mandates are traumatizing to these innocent children. We need to restore physical, mental and emotional health and safety. May truth, freedom and love prevail. Unity, gratitude and blessings to Patrick Wood, Dr. Blaylock and All!

Dunedin FL
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