Mask causing headaches and vision problems

We started school in Sept here in Ga. About a week after, the headaches began and he said breathing with the mask caused his glasses to fog up. He said if your thirsty you are unable go to the water fountain. You have to wear the mask even in PE. That if you have to sneeze, you have to sneeze in your mask. From I have read, masks are for sick people so why do they have perfectly healthy people wearing masks. It also made it where my son does not want to go to school at all. I also have another son, he is 6, first grade. He is soft spoken so you really cant hear him speak.  He does not like stuff on his face and it been affecting his behavior. His teacher says he does not focus at all. He is also getting headaches.  I think the parent should have the option not to put masks on their kids. I am glad I found this because I thought my kids were the only ones.

Hephzibah Ga
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