Mental duress – Anxiety Pre-K, K and 1st graders

Our students attend a private school where on-site learning still takes place.The media, with incorrect medical data regarding the wearing of masks, six foot seperation, quaranteen and general stupidity concerning COVID-19 has turned these little minds into frightened ‘Karens’ concerned about catching this virus to the point they are afraid to go anywhere and do things children of this age would otherwise do.

Fights, crying, bladder and bowel control are affected as well as nightmares preventing bed rest at night. The problem is so bad many no longer are excited to go to school for fear of becoming sick and or forceably seperated from their famalies.

The problem is even made worse by ignorant busy body ‘Karens,’ who have no attachment to the families or the school, shaming these children and denegrating their families and the school.

One child was told that if they did not wear a mask that met the standards of the ‘Karen,’ that she would be taken away from the parent and put up for adoption.

Another was told she and her mother would be arrested.

One little boy had an epileptic attack and the rest of the class ran screaming for their lives. This happened in the AM but the entire school was suspended for the day.

Do our impressionable young people really need to be subject to such threats made by ignorant people?

1. All but the most effective masks today are virtually useless in preventing the spread of the virus through the air. Shields, designer masks, neckerchiefs, scarves and underwear worn over the face are worse than useless.
2. Young children, according to scientific research, are the least number of infections in our population.
3. Even if you get the full blown virus, unless you have other complications and seek medical attention in a timely fashion the odds of a full recovery is excellent with no lasting long term side effects.

The mental scars suffered by these children, caused by irrational fear, will be with us a long time, generating more fear and distrust of government who has used this virus for political purposes.

By all means, use the science. But actually use it instead of the political-speak pseudo-science babbel that causes more harm than good.

Someone has even said “use common sense.” Alas, in our dumbed down society today, common sense isn’t all that common these days.

To put it bluntly, this crap has got to stop.

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Clinton, Washington
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