Scouts forced to quit troop over masks

Our Scouting Troop has a facility liaison between the church were we meet and our Scouting Troop. This person is a pharmacist. The Scouts were meeting outside in the parking lot spending most of their time in camp chairs with 1 scout per parking space. Occasionally, the Scouts were closely interacting. It was sad. They were bored. The adult leaders kept the scouts from doing most the activities they suggested. The liaison being both a pharmacist and trained in youth protection fully knew about both HIPPA and about what is and is not appropriate to discuss w/ a Scout. What happened? The liaison GRILLED my oldest scout about why my youngest scout wasn’t wearing a mask. The man harassed him for most of the meeting with repeated questions specifically inquiring about his sibling’s health. When I found out, I corrected the adult. I called both the church and the Council. I reminded the liaison of his obligations, and told him that we both knew he should have spoken to me…but that none of his questions or behavior was acceptable nor was it necessary. The Council nor the church can do anything. We looked at changing Troops and found that the laser gun-shaped thermometers were being used, or attendance and tracking details were being collected and turned over to the Health Dept. if anyone turns up ill…or many Troops were simply not even meeting in person. Not only were both children ostracized and wrongly treated…but these illegal mandates do have exemptions. Period. Only there’s no going back. I bought them face-shields. Two weeks later we were then specifically, sternly and rudely instructed that the Scouts would NOT be allowed to wear a face-shield! We’ve lost our family’s commitment to scouting because neither scout can wear a mask. We were explicitly singled-out, wrongly treated and then discriminated against. We were informed that only the disposable masks or neck gators MUST BE WORN – even when outside – even when camping – even when hiking! We’ve lost years of our family’s love and service…AND the $160+ dollars in the oldest scouts’ account…because when you leave (doesn’t matter why) the money even deposited by the parents for the Scout is apparently property of the Troop. I’d like our money back and I’d like an apology. Only you really can’t put a price on the health and welfare of your child nor the discrimination that separates children from their dreams.

11 and 13
Hurricane WV
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Liz strickland
Liz strickland
1 year ago

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