Severe ‘Maskne’

My 15 year old son has been combating severe acne for two years. We have been seeing a dermatologist for this; using an antibiotic, creams and finally a very strong medicine that comes with many risks in an of itself. After 6 months to a year of prepping we finally started this very strong regimen of pills at the beginning of August.(One pill a day that has gradually increased to two pills a day) All was well for one month and then we returned to school. He was to wear a mask everyday and after a week of constant mask wearing. His face was inflamed red, and new acne had formed everywhere the mask was. After all those months of preparation and planning I was not going to have that all go out the window. I choose to sign a medical exemption, as his parent, so that he didn’t have to wear the facemask during school. His doctor refused to sign any mask exemption and said that, in time it would fix itself and it was by no means byproduct of mask wearing. But I still decided to send him maskless. As the week of no mask wearing went on there was no evidence of inflammation, no new acne and all the acne that appeared when he wore the mask had all but disappeared. Clearly a reaction from the mask.

LaGrange, Ohio
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