Doctor gave ineffective waiver, school blocks entrance

My daughter was having what she described as water in chest and heaviness during breathing. She also had a burning sensation on her tongue which the doctor said was most likely a fungal infection. (It was cleared up with thieves mouthwash by the time she went to the doctor.) The doctor gave her a script for a month and said she had to get an X-ray to get more time if something was in her lungs. But would they have let her into school with an infection in her lungs? Her school would not accept the script and then the doctor would not write it to the schools standards until she got the X-ray. I figured either way she would not be admitted so I started sending her to school without a mask. They promptly kicked her out. I keep sending her and they kick her out. The superintendent does not care about Michigan school code or the fact our governor is acting out of her function or the constitution. He also sent an officer after me for distributing material that explained that masks are ineffective. Now our governor shut down all the high schools in Michigan. So we will see what happens if and when we return.

Freeland, MI
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