Mask anxiety and Headaches

My daughter was greatly effected by the shut down last spring. She was so excited to go back to school since she didn’t get closure and missed her friends so much. We planned on getting an exemption from her doc or at least try since every time she tried to wear it she had a panic attack (never had one before). Doc told her it was all in her head and school decided exemptions weren’t allowed. She is forced to stay home and learn and now has more anxiety because she is worried “karens” will yell at her and is becoming more depressed because she feels so isolated. Has since had to quit all of her activities because of our masks mandate. Her mental health is deteriorating (despite our best efforts to help her) but I guess it doesn’t matter to the public because she is “taking one for the team” or as some say to me “at least she isnt dead”. Fear tactics at its finest. While children and adults mental health problems skyrockets.
On another note I work everyday in a mask and have been getting migraines (never in my whole life did until now) and I am now seeing a neurologist for it….

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