Masks caused migraines

My 13 year old son has suffered from mild headaches most of his life, but after being forced to wear a mask to school for 7 straight hours with little to no breaks he was coming home everyday in tears suffering from migraines due to the mask mandate. We took him to a Neurologist who agreed the mask was causing his migraines but the school would not accept his exemption so we had to pull him out of school and do Virtual Learning which has been awful. We have now had to hire a full time tutor at $10 per hour so he can get some sort of in person learning. His Father and I both work so we can’t be home with him during the day. He wants more than anything to be back in school but due to his Heath issues with the mask mandate he cannot. It’s down right criminal what is happening to our children. The mask are not only causing physical harm but emotional and mental harm as well.

Murfreesboro TN
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