Anxious Student

I am a speech language pathologist at a public primary school in VA. We began providing the option of students attending school on a “blended schedule” in early September. I observed a student with developmental delays, who also has documented struggles with anxiety, crying in the hallway with her teacher and the principal surrounding her. I approached, wondering if I could help. The student was having what appeared to be a panic attack over being forced to wear the mask all of the time at school and in class. She was giving no options of a face shield, which I know to be available as an options for students with special needs who have aversions to the mask. She was forced to pull the mask back up and go back into the class, crying. I inquired later with the teacher, and I was told, per school policy, if the student continued to refuse wearing the mask – she could, and likely would be forced to go all virtual. A very disturbing event to experience, broke my heart for this small child.

Stuart, VA
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1 year ago

This just breaks my heart!!!!