Headache after 3 minutes of wearing mask

My 10 yr states he feels like he 8s suffocating when forced to wear a face mask. He will complain of headache after about 3 minutes of having one on. He becomes very anxious, almost as if he is hyperventilating, and then pulls the mask down and takes a few deep breath. Our school is trying to normalize this reaction. ‘Try to encourage him to tolerate it’ they say from their offices where they are able to take their masks off several times a day at length. The only time my son is forced to wear a mask is at school. This is because he wants to be with his peers and learns better in person. I made him a mesh mask, of which he wore to school for about 10 weeks with no issues. 2 weeks ago the school contacted me and stated he could no longer wear the mask as it does not meet CDC guidelines. The principle is refusing to let him back in until he puts a mask, of their standard, back on. This is ridiculous. I am trying to find a physican to talk with, but I am having difficulties. My son does not have an outwardly disability, but he cannot tolerate a face mask at all. I have contacted the district but it is not helpful. I am trying to get an appointment with our superintendent at this time.

Male – 10 years old

Indianapolis, IN
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