No Masks for Kids

I am a Principal of a K 12 public school. What I am experiencing this year due to COVID mandates including children wearing masks all day has is my hardest school after 31 years in education. Never have I seen the inappropriate behaviors or physical symptoms children are experiencing due to the mandate. The students are becoming more aggressive, angry, and defiant. I have never seen K-12 students act as inappropriately towards the adults and other students as I have witnessed this year.

In addition, the physical symptoms that children are experiencing is also extremely concerning. Students are not getting enough water due to water fountains being closed and the effort that it takes to take off a mask to drink. Students are having stomach issues also as a result of lack of water and are becoming constipated. Students lack of oxygen are making them tired, lethargic and grumpy. I believe we are doing harm to children by forcing them to cover their nose and mouths when the “Science” does not support them wearing them.

K -12
Republic, WA
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Donna Saul
Donna Saul
1 year ago

I also believe this !