Reoccurring cough

My 7 yr old has been the doctor T W I C E from developing a cough that last for two weeks. Only thing that clears it is rx steroid and rx cough medicine. Didnt start till mask mandate. STOP THIS FREAKING MADNESS

North Carolina
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Paul Turner
1 year ago

I have been telling the mask enforcers that past masking gave me a bacterial infection in my lungs and I surely do not want that again. I then tell them how they need to be concerned about this too. I add that the skin issues they are having can go much deeper – many do have or will have various skin infections from the conditions of prolonged masking.
And for the “New Side Effects” of masking, there is corresponding marketing of commercial products and prescriptions that further add to our toxic load>>>

1 year ago

I too get a chronic cough and bronchitis like symptoms when I wear a mask. I use a face shield when possible to avoid this but I am encountering more and more hostility to the face shields.