Increased autism behaviors

We do not put our 2 autistic children in masks because we feel that the masks will cause an increase in behaviors. Both kids have sensitivities and the masks will make them worse, which will cause behaviors and meltdowns. We were able to get a note from our ped., but the school will not honor it. We chose to do remote learning for both kids. So far, we have seen regression in both kids and an increase in behaviors. So, we are screwed either way. The kids are creatures of habit and they NEED and CRAVE a NORMAL school environment. I cannot send them back into school until this happens. They need to go back into school how it was before this whole sham began.

6 and 9
Berlin CT
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Dr. Sean Brooks
1 year ago

Why would you send them back to the same environment that is openly abusing them, even to your own admission?