No masks for kids

My girls had severe headaches and feelings of nausea after wearing masks for even 3-4 hrs. It also put a lot of stress on them as they had trouble concentrating on their work. Whenever they tried to get a few breaths by putting the masks under their nose they were yelled at and scolded at school. This is causing great emotional stress as well.

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Sharon M. Thill
Sharon M. Thill
1 year ago

Yep. It’s one thing to bully other adults around, but It’s a whole other genre of beast that imposes unnecessary and unhealthy practices on our children in the name of public health. And let’s remember that the young people under the age of 20 are nearly immune to the now “barely anything to worry about” Covid virus anyway. Our youngsters are being grossly abused by this. Makes me really tired.

Amber Sheppard
Amber Sheppard
1 year ago

SAME! I took my 13 year old to the doc and he stated “there’s no studies illustrating masks cause headaches”.
I feel we are being forced to suffocate our children!