Suffer the children

I would not have gone back to my teaching job if I or my students were forced to wear a mask in the gym. Luckily my classroom is the gym. Masks are not required there. The three major reactions I saw when I told my students they could remove their masks were: terror; confusion; and relief. Relief is what they deserve. I see the majority of them walking through the hallways in masks looking terrified. Not only are they being stressed mentally, but also physically by wearing these face suffocators. While I will not force a student to take their masks off during physical activity, I do encourage it. They all end up removing them, for lack of oxygen, before our activity ends. My goal this school year is to provide these children with at least some relief during their stress filled days. I promote health in my classroom not health suppression, which is what the masks promote!

Chattanooga, TN
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1 year ago

God Bless You! We’re keeping up the good fight here in FL trying to remove our local mandates.

1 year ago

I’m glad some one understands how criminal this is forcing our children to wear masks! It’s especially dangerous during exercise, which is why I appreciate you encouraging the kids to breathe.

Kerry Rickard
1 year ago

Thank you for speaking up sir or ma’am. This is a crime against humanity.