Mask Medical Exemption Denied at Public High School for Participation in Basketball

My son has had a history of allergies, including life threatening allergies. He was experiencing shortness of breath, breathing problems, and dizziness while wearing a mask after 15 minutes of practicing basketball in the school gym. Athletic director stated my son had to wear a mask while playing basketball or he could not continue to play. The he overrode the doctor’s orders by offering a modification and stated my son can go outside every 15 minutes to get fresh air, take off the mask and breathe. He also indicated to me in the email that if my son were to go unconscious while playing basketball there would be a teacher nearby who could remove the mask if my son were unable to do so. Apparently, the athletic director is practicing medicine without a license and the school officials are violating my son’s rights and discriminating against him. My son loves basketball, but he can no longer play the sport with his friends.

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6 months ago

Wow…very alarming!