504 Children(ADHD) Discrimination and Segregation

My two youngest were put on a 504 because of their ADHD, and can only wear a faceshield due to the sensory issues it causes them. My daughter came home in tears.
Apparently they are going to be treated like they have the plague, and kept from other children even more than the usual. Other kids are told to “stay out of her 6 foot shield”. She got moved to the back of the room and can’t interact with other children. She’s not allowed to sit in the reading circle and has to stay at her desk. She’s not allowed to play with the other children. The teachers go out of their way to make them look different. My son said now he gets stared at and treated like a monster. He can’t leave the classroom until 30 seconds after the last kid left. They are starting to get picked on. What is this world coming to? What is this doing to their mental health?

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Dan T..
1 year ago

Please join Pennsylvania Parents Protecting Parents on FB! We are working on a lawsuit to end these ridiculous and harmful mask mandates. Please email me at dtalarico924@gmail.com. Thanks! -Dan