Anxiety and depression

First off, my daughter had pretty bad acne and about a year ago I put her on medication to clear it up. It was amazing and did wonders for her confidence. Since the mandatory mask wearing at school her acne has returned in the area that the mask covers, including behind her ears and neck where the strings sit.
And just this morning, December 7, 2020, she finally told me how she has been having panic attacks in class. She puts her head down so the teachers can’t see her and she lifts up her mask. She’s so afraid of getting caught because she sees how other kids are treated by the teachers for a “mask infraction”. Kids are told they’ll get sent to the principals office and threatened with expulsion if they don’t abide by the safety rules of mask wearing.
What is even worse, I found a note from her in one of my work notebooks from 11/25/20, day before Thanksgiving, asking if life even mattered anymore, if being successful or working toward her goals was even worth it. She expressed wanting life, success, and happiness but said a part of her didnt want to be here anymore because there was no point to it all.
My heart is broken. To think that, at 14, she has these thoughts. Her confidence has been degraded, her anxiety is in high gear, her face is breaking out again, and as a parent, knowing she has these thoughts about “if life even matters” has me very concerned. STOP STEALING OUR YOUTH! Stop taking away their childhoods. They are OUR FUTURE! SHE IS MY DAUGHTER! THESE ARE OUR KIDS!

Age 14 – Female

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