Headaches & Acne

My daughter is 13 and in 8th grade. She’s always been a great student and loves school. I gave my children the choice to go back and be forced to wear a mask or do virtual or homeschool. My son chose to homeschool but my daughter really wanted to be back at school. However in the 1st quarter she chose to do virtual hoping that the covid craze would end. When she had the option to go back to in person school masked she decided the mask would be worth the socialization she missed so much after 8 months. She complains of headaches nearly everyday. The only “break” they get is during lunch. She has now developed a painful under nose acne/rash from the daily moisture build up. She says by her last period (science) she’s so tired and uncomfortable she has a hard time concentrating. This is also her favorite subject so she loves this class but having the mask on all day makes the class difficult. I should mention our whole family had covid so even if masks worked it’s completely useless for her to wear one being its highly unlikely she could catch or spread covid now. We shouldn’t be masked but our children definitely shouldn’t be.

Age 13 -Female

Cape Coral, FL
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Cindy, San Antonio
Cindy, San Antonio
1 year ago

I recommend making your own mask for those of you that have to wear one. I have to wear one at church once a week when we walk in the building or when we get up to use the bathroom, but anytime your at your seat whether seated or standing you can take it off, stupid I know. But, I had my daughter make me one out of the thinnest material I could find. It is actually from an old decorative scarf that I don’t wear anymore. It feels like I’m not even wearing one and because there are no actual standards for cloth masks you can get away with it. I wear it when I want to go into a restaurant or a store that requires it, which is seldom, but no one has ever said anything to me about it. And I can breath practically normally. It truly is criminal what they are doing to these kids.

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