My 3 sons are psychologically affected negatively

I am one of the few people in my town willing to speak out and try to fight against forced masks in our school district. They do allow face shields but if no other students are wearing them, students do not want to stick out amongst their peers. PLUS, even shields are not needed or effective against viruses. I have started petitions and have been in contact with human resources. Before that, I emailed board members, every school nurse, and other employees until the superintendent asked me to stop and redirected me to human resources. HR submitted my complaints to the their liaison from our county health department. The liaison addressed my complaint trying to counter only 1 study I provided against masks (out of approximately 47 sources I submitted) with arguments that were completely invalid. I have asked for their scientific studies that show face coverings of various kinds reduce or slow the spread of viruses and I have not heard back.
My 15 year old knows all about the lie of the mask yet has to endure wearing it all day at school as a sacrifice for the normalcy he yearns for with being at school with friends doing his extracurriculars. My college student became depressed and felt isolated because he chose to remain home and do online classes since the college forced masks to enter their building. My oldest knows about the lie of the mask but is being forced by his employer to enforce masks to every single customer (including kids) who enters his place of work. We are not in some kind dystopian slaved make-believe world where school officials, employers, college staff, or ONE representative for a health department gets to make rules for the entire school district, college campus, or business. We all each get to make our own medical decisions for our families so they need to back off, do some real research, and live like true Americans.
If you would like to see my petitions (sign both if you agree) and my 10 pages of sources (that show links) against masks:
Our children are being suffocated, coerced, and treated like slaves. They have to partake in this crime against humanity and they are not psychologically prepared for it. What schools and businesses are doing by not allowing the CHOICE to wear masks will impact our children in the future. I pray in Jesus name that each one of us will take a strong stand now, and that our children’s generation and the following will never allow something like this to ever take place again.

15, 21, 23
Baytown, TX 77521
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Dr. Sean Brooks
1 year ago

I have signed your petition and I agree with you wholeheartedly. You have an invitation to be on my podcast (American Education FM) to describe the details of what you have witnessed and any other information you would like to share regarding this widespread abuse. Be well.