My children watched me get arrested at their medical appt

Where we live is extremely pro-mask, pro-mandate, etc. I am medically unable to wear a mask. When I showed up at my kids’ medical appt, they told me everyone (no exceptions!) must wear a mask in all of their bldgs at all times. I offered face shield (I can only wear a short time), and other alternatives, none good enough. They threatened to call PD; as I’d broken no law, I said OK. PD showed up, I pointed out how they are arbitrarily enforcing this, as there was an employee by bldg entrance w/o a mask. PD told me to call bldg admin and make a complaint about the woman. PD arrested me (first time in my life) in cuffs (regardless of me telling them cuffs were unnecessary since I would go peacefully!) in front of my children and their appt and medical procedure went on w/o me.

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Kerry Rickard
1 year ago

This is not justice! I hope you get a lawyer and everyone involved will pay for their evilness.

11 months ago

These days you have to play their game.
I know someone to poked non-obvious holes in his mask.
There are also mask cups available to keep the mask away from you mouth so the mask does not cut off air.
I’m so sorry to hear of this tyranny.