Anxiety, stress, headaches, and always guessing if the teachers or students approve/agree with his answer.

My 8th grader is an emotional wreck over a mask. He isn’t learning a thing in school which makes him feel even more emotional. He gets a headache every day, he feels like he can’t breath. He has full blown anxiety attacks, they follow him around the school to make sure he has it on all the time and if not they threaten to kick him out of the school, make him think he will kill the principal who has an autoimmune disorder, and also tells him he would be the one who shut down the whole school if he doesn’t wear it all the time. So he is a walking nervous, anxious, scared, and is very emotional which leads to his sweaty anxiety attacks and headaches.

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Judith Cybulski
Judith Cybulski
1 year ago

These tyrants are terrorizing your child. It is criminal child abuse. If you have any possible way to remove your child from this hostile environment it should be done.
Praying for you