Headaches and Mental Health

Our school district’s covid plan was 3 days remote learning and 2 days in person learning. On the days my child goes into school, he complains of headaches after getting off the bus. I could choose to not send him on in person days but then his mental health will be affected. He is a very social kid and NEEDS to be around other kids. So, I have to choose between his physical health and his mental health. Right now, I’m choosing to take care of his mental health but we’ll have to see if the headaches remain an issue and then I don’t know what I’ll do.

Liverpool, NY
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Raven Roulette
Raven Roulette
11 months ago

mask mandates are a severe form of abuse mentally and physically .There is no real evidence masks prevent viruses .
A new study from a university in florida, published in JAMA recently stated that Asymptomatic spread is zero !
Wearing masks long term is unhealthy and because of bacterial buildup over the nose and mouth can cause disease !!
Mask mandates are Unconstitutional.
Take this mandate to court and you win on Constitutionality

11 months ago

Wouldn’t you be able to socialize him outside of school? If his physical health fails then his mental health is also greatly affected, ask anyone with health problems. His headaches may be a combination of low oxygen levels, stress, breathing in toxins from cleaning products. I would hope you reconsider sending him under those conditions.

Last edited 11 months ago by Laura