Acne, Headaches, and Self-esteem

I have 2 boys (5 yo & 7 yo). They’re both healthy, clean, and active. Over the past few months I have noticed blackheads on their chins, along their noses and cheeks right where the mask sits all day. They’re way to young for that self-esteem killer.
My 5 yo, who sleeps very well, complains about feeling so tired at school. Probably because his brain isn’t getting the oxygen it needs to stay awake and alert.
My 7 yo complains of having headaches, only at school. And his self-esteem is dropping. He says he feels so stupid and looks silly wearing the mask.
This is not how childhood should be for little boys or girls! Our children are suffering and we need as parents need to stand up and fight for them.

5 & 7 year old – Male

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Dr. Sean Brooks
11 months ago

The school will not change. You need to change. Pull them out of school, NOW. Homeschool and use
Stop sending them to these abusive environments. Abusers don’t change. You need to protect your children from abusers, but don’t let your children be abused while you are attempting to get the abusers to change. They won’t. Take control back in your own life and the lives of your children.