Maskless school force masks

My daughter feels like she will vomit when she wears a mask. It also makes her feels like she is doing something wrong when forced to wear a mask. I have avoided masking my children thus far. I enrolled her in a home school program that is wonderful. They do not require masks (in California) under 10 years of age. However, one teacher who teaches pottery and art outside has decided to force the children in her class to wear masks anyway. My daughter came home very upset and lied to me initially as to why. I eventually learned it was because of the mask policy. I unenrolled her from the class but am out $350.

The school is trying to work with the teacher to get her to stop forcing masks but the damage was already done to my daughter. She is afraid to go to that class. It’s very sad. It was her first school experience and was negative.

10 year old – Female

Encinitas. CA
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Robert Williams
Robert Williams
11 months ago

This is unconstitutional. I know exactly what you mean and feel your pain. My 7-year-old is going through the same thing. It is amazing what this country has become in such a short period of time.

Dr. Sean Brooks
11 months ago

Your daughter will continue to be abused if you send her there. Don’t let them abuse your daughter. Take back all control.

Tony Faircloth
Tony Faircloth
8 months ago

Everyone needs to homeschool and the masks wearing will go away.