Mom of 4 – Face mask isolation and anxiety

My 10 year old son was happy to start in-person learning once it began in the fall. He wanted to see his friends and socialize. He complained of headaches from wearing the mask and we got a face shield for him (not great but better than masks). He was OK with it because he got the break from wearing a face covering at recess. Then the state cracked down again and the kids were required to cover while at recess (outside!!). He decided that he could no longer handle this. Wearing a face covering at school makes it harder for him to breathe and causes him anxiety. He no longer attends in person learning and is isolated from his friends. I don’t feel that it is right to force him to go when he will have to cover his face all day (they only allow 2 mask breaks for the whole day besides the “break” for lunch). It is child abuse to force kids to cover their faces and I cannot enforce this even though he needs interaction and instruction that in-person learning would bring him. I have to respect his wishes in this case.

10 Year old – Male

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Dr. Sean Brooks
11 months ago

No. You don’t need to respect his wishes. You are the parent. It’s your number one job to protect your children form those who seek to hurt them. You should know this. Pull your child out of school permanently.
check it out and use it now. Sign up and stop letting government hurt your child. They don’t care about him or you.