Put your “Goddamn Mask On”!

I have explained to my kids that the masks are dangerous so of course it causes them some anxiety. I told them if they need to breathe then take it down and do so and that I will deal with the consequences. The bus driver is always yelling at the kids about their masks and on one particular day he told my son to put his “Goddamn mask on”. I have printed the bus driver info to try to educate him that the masks are dangerous, but he just told his boss and I received a call from the school. I currently have an appt to speak with the school district’s Superintendent this coming Tuesday. I’m not sure what will come of that meeting, but I will be using this site as a reference.

Willis, TX
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Judith Cybulski
Judith Cybulski
11 months ago

To support your case with the District please go to information on websites for Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Russell Blaylock. Citizensforfreespeech.org has a store where you may purchase pamphlet explaining the dangers of masks by Dr. Blaylock

Dr. Sean Brooks
11 months ago

Give him this too:

They won’t change their policies. This would have to include an admission that they were wrong from the start, and as you should know by now, schools are never wrong and they never admit wrong doing. Pull your children out of this school forever and homeschool using calverteducaiton.com