Recess outside should be a time of physical activity and freedom

My 6 year old son loves to run and recess typically is where a child should be able to run. Unfortunately, it’s not. The children at his school who have been back full time since September 2020 have segregated the kids into small color coded groups. Each group must choose an activity on the playground. My running athlete is stuck playing a square game called “switch” everyday because the mostly female “Red” group my son is stuck with prefers this. Sometime last week my son grew board of the game and began running circle around the squares. While he did, his gator mask around his neck began to slip past his nose as he was breathing heavy. A supervisor had him sit on a red dot as a time out for not keeping the mask over his nose. Tears in his eyes mask now over his nose he sat on the red dot the rest of recess defeated by the pathetic mandates that follow people outside in fresh air and sunshine.

6 year old – Male

San Juan Capistrano, Ca
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