Specific medical conditions and schools don’t care

My child is so medically fragile and cannot be in a school building because he gets sick from wireless exposure. No one except one toxicologist knows or will try to understand this condition where we are. I have advocated for him at the school because the school wanted to send us to a physician locally despite the evidence I provided them from a toxicologist.  In terms of a mask because of his condition and his severe ID they do not require him to wear it when he becomes uncomfortable. I had to purchase a copper mask mesh material for him so that he can comfortably breathe and it is heavy enough for him to feel with his sensory processing disorder. I see kids rip off masks at recess when I am with him because I do not trust the staff to use precaution around him as they have no respect for me nor do they care about our son. Many times they carelessly check there phones when we are around in complacency.

Colorado Springs
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Dr. Sean Brooks
11 months ago

Homeschool. Use calverteducaiton.com. It’s long past time to take your child away from these abusive people, who don’t care about your child or you.