ASD Child refused in person services.

My child is autistic and has a sensory disorder, which makes it impossible for her to wear a mask. We have been lucky to get her to wear a face shield hat, and that has been successful. However, the therapy services provider saw things differently. They were afraid to come to our child’s school due to her inability to wear a mask. She wore her shield, but they said it wasn’t enough. I even bought a Plexiglass divider for the therapy rooms table, and that still was not enough. They said that their only option was to do virtual. Meanwhile, I found out that they are continuing in service therapy at the other school in the area. This was a slap in the face to me and my child as not providing in person therapy has been detrimental in my child’s ability to progress. We are still doing virtual with no sign of the company complying. When I asked how does my child learn to wear a mask without an OT physically there to show her, I was met with dead silence. There needs to be accommodations made for students with disabilities.

Port Byron
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