Being threatened by school

I have been fighting school superintendent & county commissioners since aug. on weekly basis to lift mandate. I do not want my daughter going to school everyday wearing mask so when she complains of headaches from mask I let her stay home & do online zoom class. Well school threatened to turn me in due to attendance because unbeknownst to me the count online zoom as unexcused absences even though her teachers told my daughter & myself if she is not coming to physical school to do zoom. So now she is failing her classes and has many unexcused absences. I work so am unable to home school.

New port richey FL
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17 days ago

We do k12 online- it is better than tyranny at school masking. My daughter likes it.

Maskless in Massachusetts
Maskless in Massachusetts
15 days ago
Reply to  Jane

Privately educating our youth @ home will create a new elite, & the opposite goes as well: even dumber, dumbed-down herds of cattle will emerge, making up a good 85% of this recent “covid-affected” generation.

Hailea Colver
Hailea Colver
16 days ago

Are you able to homeschooling with an online curriculum. I doing that come this summer.