Public School Teacher witness to unhealthy and disgusting condition of K5 and 1st grade children’s facemasks

I am a substitute teacher in an elementary school where children are being told constantly, cover your face, pull that mask up, cover your nose etc. I have been in predominantly younger grades; K5 and 1st! These kids masks are disgusting! They drop them on the bathroom floor, in the dirt on the playground, rubbing their masks on the bottom of their shoes! I witness this firsthand with their masks being wet and brown in the inside, sipping water THROUGH the mask! I have seen a few kids with rashes around their faces, putting their heads down on the desks, running on the playground at recess and PE! It really bothers me, but I am only a substitute teacher! I believe there is emotional and psychological harm….no touching, hugging and staying six feet away with their faces covered!

Tallahassee, FK
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