We were doing well before the masked lockdowns

Our daughter died in 2015 leaving us a 7 year old grandson that had frankly lived a terrible life due to his mom’s very poor choices in life that led to her death. We spent the next few years dealing with his rage and anger though love and counseling and he was improving and learning how to cope. He played soccer, basketball, baseball in organized leagues as well as having plenty of playdates and sleep overs with his friends. He was doing great in school too. Then the madness was inflicted by the oligarchs and governments. We are now struggling again. his school has been all virtual, then hybrid. He has become angry and frustrated that he can’t do the things he used to do. For instance, the basketball league this winter was forcing kids to wear masks while playing and practicing. He decided to stop playing. His grades have dropped across the board and he hates going to school in such an environment. It is getting worse such that on the days he has to go in person, it is a horrible battle, I don’t always win. His behavioral issues are coming back and overall his life is being stolen from him. This is not right.

7 year old – Male

Perkiomenville PA
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Dr. Sean Brooks
11 months ago

Notice how in your post you mention oligarchs and governments? This is what needs to be explained to this child. You need to sit him down and tell him how the world actually works. Believe it or not, telling the whole truth to a young mind can help them navigate the madness. Once they view this as war, and they can view themselves as the good guys, they will know who the bad guts are. Tell that that not everyone who is masked-up is bad, they are just brainwashed.
Tell this young one the whole truth. Do it now!