Masked high school soccer player blacked out

My son plays Varsity soccer for his high school. They had to call me to come get him early from conditioning because he was feeling light headed and passed out!! 😬😡 (Wearing masks to run a mile then do sprint work!) Thankfully, he felt things going black, told his coach, and sat down.
In his words “my eyes were open but I couldn’t see anything. Then I just saw outlines, then everything was really bright.”
His coach had tried giving him a sucker to help with blood sugar level, but my son couldn’t hold it and kept dropping it. After getting some water in his system (maybe too much) he puked. That’s when I was called.
He couldn’t hear well. He was cupping his hands over his ears saying they felt full of blood and heavy. ? The car ride home he sounded like he had a mouth full of candy as he was trying to talk. He could barely keep his head up and eyes open. I was concerned he’d fallen and had a concussion he seemed so out of it. But his coach assured me he didn’t.
I told him if I had just picked him up not knowing something had happened I would’ve thought he’d been drugged. He said him teammates also said he was acting high. (This was in a conversation the following day)
As soon as we got home I got him to the couch, he immediately fell asleep. After a short 15 min nap he woke famished. Ate some food and finally felt like he could walk to/stand in the shower. He laid on the couch the rest of the night exhausted.
Thankfully seemed better the next day.
These masks are causing more problems than necessary for these young brains! Masking during exercise is dangerous and we won’t do that anymore!

Chapel Hill NC
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