No Exceptions for Sensory Kids with Masks

My 10 yr old son is priprioceptive sensory & on watch for aspbergers. The masks are surfacing sensory issues I haven’t seen since he was 4. After all the years & work I’ve done & the therapists have done to teach him to verbalize when he can’t handle a certain input, he’s forced to keep his mask on regardless if it’s causing him distress. I can’t homeschool him due to being a single parent. The school district will take him away if he doesn’t go. So, it’s ok with everyone that he’s stimming, back sleeping with me, & having breathing issues. He was reprimanded for taking mask breaks in the corner by himself. He’s had rashes & allergies from the mask – even sneezing inside his mask & breathing that in. I’m at a loss on what to do. The people responsible for doing this to children are monsters. Despicable.

10 year old – Male

Springfield, MO
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